• 04Nov


    Here are slide shows prepared for the open house back in July. They show the house from planning through to near completion. Look at each short slideshow or else skip to the Condensed Slide Show at the end of the list.

    01 Introduction
    02 Preparation and Well
    03 Excavation & foundation
    04 First story
    05 Second story and roof frame
    06 Roof sheeted
    07 Basement
    08 Garage
    09 Rough plumbing & electrical
    10 insulation & drywall
    11 siding & sidewalks
    12 stuff from WV
    13 Interior finishing
    14 Sewer System
    15 Driveway
    17 Lawn Seeding
    18 Other things
    19 Starting to look finished
    20 Condensed Slide Show (You don’t need to watch this one if you’ve seen all the others.)


  • 22Nov
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    [copied from the Caring Bridge site]

    Looked at house plans again tonight. One of the things that Dan and I have done ever since we were married was design, sketch, discuss, and plan what kind of house we were going to have once we got the chance to build our own. Now I think we are actually going to be able to do that. Lord willing, by the end of the new year (2009), I’m hoping that rather than informing you all about the new baby (since I guess those days are gone for now) I’ll be telling you about the new house. For those of you who are a bit new . . . almost every year Dan and I were married I was sending out a Christmas letter telling everyone that we were pregnant and expecting a new baby, or telling them about the baby we just had. I’m doubting that I will get a Christmas letter out this year . . I’m thinking an Easter letter would be about right . . I think I’ll wait until Jr. #7 is born and then fill you all in on the exciting year that God had planned for me. So, don’t be miffed if you don’t get a Christmas letter. We are still thinking about you all and we hope you have a wonderful, merry Christmas, we are just planning on celebrating our Christmas a little later (jr. is due the 23rd of Dec.).

    Speaking of holidays, they keep telling me that Thanksgiving is like, . . next week. Time has kind of been standing still for me, but I want to make sure that I don’t miss Thanksgiving. I really do have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for all the friends and family who have been here to support me during this rough time. I’m thankful for the wide-spread body of Christ who has been so caring and supportive. I’m thankful for the 7 and 1/2 WONDERFUL years that I had with my WONDERFUL husband. I’m thankful for the 7 beautiful children that he has blessed me with. I’m thankful for the millions of little ways the Lord has directed and shown me His hand of guidence. And I’m thankful for this strange device called the Internet that has made so much of this possible.

    Keep praying for us. Our God is a big God, but our minds are little minds and it’s hard to comprehend and remember just how big our God really is. Pray that we don’t forget God’s love and the support of this body of believers.

    Love in Christ,


  • 17Nov
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    [copied from the Caring Bridge site]

    Well, I did it. I made a huge decision on my own without Dan’s input. It’s enough to make me want to cry, yell, and cry some more. I liked being able to tell Dan what I thought and then just let him make the final decision. It took so much pressure off of me. That was the way God planned it and I’m struggling a bit with the sin cursed world changing God’s plans and messing with my life this way. Praise the Lord for a place called heaven to look forward to and to get back into God’s perfect plan for us.

    Anyway, the major decision was what to do about baby. I’m still flexible, but at this point I am planning on being in Pennsylvania to have baby number 7. The thought is that someone would come out to MI and drive back to PA with the kids and I sometime the week of the 8th of Dec. I’ve been trying to be in MI for Christmas, but I guess that won’t be happening this year. Maybe next year. I am currently planning on being in PA for most of December, but hoping to be back in MI sometime during the month of January and then I’m thinking that I’ll stay in MI until it’s warm enough to build in PA. There are some very exciting plans in the works for building a house for the kids and I, close to my parents, and I’m looking forward to getting involved in all of that.

    The kids are doing well. They obviously miss their Daddy, but seem to be doing fine. They are all exhibiting to some extent a decided clingyness (is that a word?) for their mother, but I was actually prepared for that and have a certain desire to cling to them as well, so I guess it all works out in the end.

    Thanks again to all of you who are supporting and holding me up in prayer. I’m looking at several major decisions over the next couple of months and it’s not something I enjoy. Please keep praying and I will try to keep you all updated.