• 28Dec

    So, we are getting ready to go and I look at Benjamin (12) and say, “Do I look cute?”  (translation: do I look like I’m ready to go?)

    Benjamin says, “Ah, you’re the mom.  You don’t have to look cute.”


    I’m still trying to decide just how offended I should be

  • 17Dec

    Yes!!!  I have managed to finish another “Danny Quilt!”  This one is Maranatha’s.  She likes sunflowers, too.  I sometimes call her my Sunshine and that’s how the whole design came about.


    There is a serious push to get the rest of them finished right now.  The kids got excited by me finishing this one and I managed to get the top of Payden’s put together this week, too.  Still need the backing (January’s project) and that one will be done, too.  Caleb’s is next on the list and then I can consolidate a whole bunch of sewing stuff and cut back on some piles.





  • 17Dec
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    Does anyone remember when my kitchen was this clean?  I’ve forgotten already.  =(

    Now it has the well used and worn look that the whole house is sporting.  =)  I am so thankful for my the many little hands and feet that made it the room it is today.




  • 14Dec

    The spark is back.

    I wasn’t sure it would ever happen, but I feel like God has given me a tiny glimpse of the possibilities of the future and with it comes the excitement, the push to get out of bed in the morning, the desire to better myself, and the hope.  I have no idea if my dreams will become reality, but that really isn’t my problem; that’s God’s problem.  I asked God for a place to direct my energies, a vague goal to shoot for, a vision for my future, AND HE ANSWERED!!

    It’s been bubbling under the surface all week, distracting me, making me shake with excitement, giving energy . . .

    But the time is not right.  I must be patient.  This is my week to teach about patience/longsuffering.  I’m getting lots of practice.

  • 19Sep
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    We have started school, finally, and we are learning all kinds of things this week.  We did a tiny bit of research and discovered that the setting for a book we are reading isn’t very historically accurate.  We found out that pumpkins are vegetables and therefore pumpkin pie has got to be good for you.  =)  And Payden has informed us that hair can get cold.  We are still testing that theory =) but the smile didn’t leave my face for at least a couple of hours.

    Have I told you lately just how much I love my kids?!  =) 😉

  • 17May

    Well it’s happened.  I am officially a ‘mean mom.’  =)

    My daughter told me this morning that next something about next week wouldn’t matter because she wouldn’t be here.  Combined with other rumblings I’ve heard, that means she is running away.  No going off in a huff for this one.  She has the date and time picked out.  Her bags are packed.

    I wonder if she has a destination in mind.  Nana’s house isn’t too far away but something tells me that Nana will soon send her back.

  • 04Mar

    I had a startling thought this morning.

    I have been a single mother for five years!

    Strange as it may be, I knew that I had been a widow for five years but somehow I didn’t quite connect that with parenting.  Of course, I paused for reflection.  Benjamin was 6, he will be 13 next year (that thought alone has caused all kinds of interesting reflections).  Caleb never even knew his daddy.  He has no idea what it’s like to have two parents.  In fact, most of my kids have no idea what it’s like to have a two-parent home.  They have vague memories and ideas of what they think it means.  They have weird ideas like “Grandpa is our daddy” or the nanny is our “other mommy,” but they really have no idea how a two-parent family would function.

    Then I looked at my children.  None of them have gone off the deep end (they are a bit young for that, I guess).  They are well behaved for the most part.  They are responsible and capable of many things.  They help with the housework and watching out for each other.  Sometimes they even think to do something nice for Mom.  There are things that we are working on, of course, but who isn’t?  It’s not easy being a single parent, but I’m guessing God has been helping quite a bit because I think my kids are doing o.k.

    Huh. Five years.  We might make it yet.

  • 28Jan

    Hello to all from the cold and snowy north!

    Some of you know what that is like.  Due to the high moisture content of our summer I’m guessing we should have a fairly snowy winter and so far my guess seems to be holding true.  =)  That high moisture content this summer allowed us to have a fantastic garden so I am definitely not complaining.  Not only that, but I happen to like snow and the kids sure do too.  We had close to 6 inches at one point and they made sure to cover the yard with sled tracks, footprints, snow angels, snowball forts, and anything else they could think of.

    My Dad has already plowed his way through a decent sized section of wood trying to heat their place and we have had a few days where we were out chopping, stacking, and even using the power saw helping to keep them warm (at least I was helping with the chopping and the saw . . . the boys aren’t quite ready for that yet).

    We have also made great strides at eating our way through the produce that we harvested from our garden.  The advent of cooler weather seems to have affected the stomachs of my two oldest boys in a startling way.  I knew that sooner or later they would start eating like teenagers and they haven’t made it quite that far, yet, but I am getting a taste of where that could go.

    Benjamin (11) is still my reader.  For Christmas I got him a pile of books and he is as happy as could be.   He also likes to play basketball although that is a bit more difficult in this weather as his court is quite cold and snowy.

    Josiah (10) is quite artistic.  He enjoys drawing and loves the charcoal set that he got for Christmas.  He works hard at his school work and can be quite responsible, often reminding his siblings to do their chores, helping Caleb with his clothes, and ready to be of assistance to Mom whenever possible.

    Abigail (9) still loves to be in the kitchen.  This year I have her helping me with supper preparation and cleanup.  The cleanup seems to be a new idea somehow.  Apparently those dishes sort of magically cleaned themselves before and we aren’t quite sure why we have to do them ourselves now.  =)  She also loves legos and playing with her brother Josiah.

    Dassy (8)(Hadassah) got a sewing box for Christmas and is busy making blankets, stuffed animals, and various other things.  She loves hugs and is really starting to enjoy being involved with the Patch the Pirate Club at our church.

    Maranatha (7) is still my smiling sunshine although clouds do occasionally pop up.  She is doing great in school and she loves music.  She likes the fact that she occasionally gets lumped in with the big kids, but is often just as content to be considered one of the little kids.

    Payden (6) usually is my biggest source of laughter.  Some of the things he says  . . . and he says a lot.  He’s a cheerful chatterbox.  He and Caleb are pretty close.  They play legos together, do school together, room together, hang out with Mom together, etc.   Payden considers it his personal responsibility to make sure that Caleb is happy and taken care of.

    Caleb (5) is making great strides in his speech.  The missionary family that stayed with us for a couple of months at the beginning of the year was able to help work with him.  Nana has also been working with him pretty consistently during school time.  Now he is doing quite well although we are still working on his enunciation.  He still loves the occasional cuddle with Mom, is starting to help with bigger chores, and is doing just fine in school.

    Dan, of course, is still enjoying his new singing career.  His presence is still missed, but the daily pain is gone.  The kids make sure we never forget him and sometimes I just have to smile when they do something that is so ‘Dan’ I have to blink to make sure it isn’t him.

    And me, well, I’m busy as usual.  It took me almost a month to catch up on housework after the harvest season.  =)  School has been going well.  I do love homeschooling.  We have so much fun together as a family and our history class is a favorite as we all gather round to read and talk about so many things.  We have also been reading the Kingdom Series by Chuck Black for Bible class and that has sparked some interesting thoughts and has been quite convicting.  It’s a great series for those of you with young boys (and girls) and it’s good for the parents, too.

    Since it’s vacation time I was able to get a quilt in the frame and have started working on that.  I’m a bit behind on getting one done a year so the pressure is on.  I continue to play piano for church on a regular basis and I’m signed up to help with VBS again this year.  The garden plans for this year continue to blossom and grow (pardon the pun) and the kids are trying to get me geared up for another trip.  God is good and when I take a few minutes to question that, He is always ready and willing to remind me.                                                Love to all!

  • 17Dec

    My kids are really starting to eat.

    We made cookies on Saturday.   Between the three families present (#4 had to stay home because of the snow) we made roughly 70 doz. cookies.  We cut back.  =) Till we divided them up I’d say we took home about 24 dozen give or take a few.  Today is Tuesday and I think we have a few crumbs left of that last dozen or so.  That ought to be enough sugar for them for the rest of the month, right?

    I’m looking forward with amusement to our family holiday dinner.  Will they clean the table, or will they be so distracted by cousins that eating becomes secondary.  How much longer will it be till I can’t keep much of anything in the house as far as food is concerned?

  • 14Nov

    The holidays are nearing and with them the incredible desire to have a cookie day.  =)  We saw some snow this week as if to confirm that winter is upon us and the baking season can officially begin.  I like to bake during the winter.  The heat from the stove helps to heat the house and I can pretend that I’m helping to conserve energy by accomplishing two things at once.  Baking means that I’m in the kitchen more frequently which hopefully will also translate to more and better meals.  I’ve noticed an increase in appetite in my boys lately that has me nibbling my nails in trepidation.  I’ve heard all the stories about how teenage boys eat and I know that is coming up fast.  The fear of the unknown nibbles the cookie of my time as I wonder, “will I be spending all day in the kitchen just trying to satisfy their appetite?”  =)  Ha! Ha!  I just had to phrase it like that . . =) . . a bit lame I know.  I’ll work on it. =)

    Anyway, as the season speeds ever nearer I pray that I will be able to take the time to reconnect with my kids and my Saviour, . . . maybe even while we make cookies.=)  I want to be able to enjoy the whole cookie of life, and outside of a fulfilling relationship with my Jesus I’m afraid that all I will get will be the crumbs.

    Pray with me?