• This blog is my witness so to speak . . my journal . . my memories . .  Writing has always been somewhat theraputic for me and this will allow me to vent, to grieve, to share with you all that has been going on in my life since my husband, Daniel Ewing, has died. 

    At the age of 31 we discovered a hole in Dan’s heart that needed some repair.  We scheduled a surgery in the hopes of repairing the hole before he had a sudden heartattack (that would kill him) or before it started affecting the rest of his body killing him that way.  We thought it would be a routine surgery . . . but apparently the Lord had other plans.  About 6 hours after Dan went into surgery we knew that things were not going to turn out like we had hoped.  He was life flighted to a bigger hospital and we spent a week fighting.  But the end result was that Dan was called home.

    He left behind a pregnant wife, 6 children (ages 6 and under), 2 sisters, a mother, a father, many other family members, and hundreds of friends.  It is to those left behind that I (the wife, Liisa) write these notes.  Please feel free to read, comment, and share this page with anyone.  Perhaps in my grief, and in the memories I have of Dan, someone will be touched and will be able to heal a bit more in their own grief.

    Just for the record, GOD is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble, and only through Him do I have the ability to say the things I do.  He is my reason for living and without Him I could do nothing.  If He is not part of your life, then you are missing out on one of the greatest comforts of all time, and I look at you with awe and dismay.  How could you have survived this long?  Don’t you know there is a better way to live?  Jesus gave so much for you . . .

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    • Hi Liisa,

      I was wondering where you are living and if you’d have enough room for visitors sometime? I would love to see you and your family sometime in the next year or two and who knows….if I start planning toward it maybe we can actually make a visit happen. Love and blessings. Wendy

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