• 21Dec

    We watched a movie last night where the man got down on his knees and bowed his head to the ground as he prayed.  My kids found this unusual and started asking questions (they have only seen that in reference to the Muslim faith).  Caleb apparently was listening.  =)

    Today I walked into his bedroom to find him in a similar position.  I heard him talking and assumed he was talking to whatever toy he had hidden underneath him and so I said something to him.  He didn’t even lift his head, just said “I’m praying to God, Mommy.”

    I stepped out of the room quickly, but just had to stay close long enough to listen.  =) Ahh, my heart is smiling.

    He needed a new dad and he remembered to tack a ‘Thank You’ on the end.

    My heart is encouraged.  If I can pass on the faith I will have succeeded.

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