• 28Dec

    So, we are getting ready to go and I look at Benjamin (12) and say, “Do I look cute?”  (translation: do I look like I’m ready to go?)

    Benjamin says, “Ah, you’re the mom.  You don’t have to look cute.”


    I’m still trying to decide just how offended I should be

  • 21Dec

    We watched a movie last night where the man got down on his knees and bowed his head to the ground as he prayed.  My kids found this unusual and started asking questions (they have only seen that in reference to the Muslim faith).  Caleb apparently was listening.  =)

    Today I walked into his bedroom to find him in a similar position.  I heard him talking and assumed he was talking to whatever toy he had hidden underneath him and so I said something to him.  He didn’t even lift his head, just said “I’m praying to God, Mommy.”

    I stepped out of the room quickly, but just had to stay close long enough to listen.  =) Ahh, my heart is smiling.

    He needed a new dad and he remembered to tack a ‘Thank You’ on the end.

    My heart is encouraged.  If I can pass on the faith I will have succeeded.

  • 17Dec

    Yes!!!  I have managed to finish another “Danny Quilt!”  This one is Maranatha’s.  She likes sunflowers, too.  I sometimes call her my Sunshine and that’s how the whole design came about.


    There is a serious push to get the rest of them finished right now.  The kids got excited by me finishing this one and I managed to get the top of Payden’s put together this week, too.  Still need the backing (January’s project) and that one will be done, too.  Caleb’s is next on the list and then I can consolidate a whole bunch of sewing stuff and cut back on some piles.





  • 17Dec
    Categories: Family Updates Comments Off on Dirty Kitchen Again

    Does anyone remember when my kitchen was this clean?  I’ve forgotten already.  =(

    Now it has the well used and worn look that the whole house is sporting.  =)  I am so thankful for my the many little hands and feet that made it the room it is today.




  • 14Dec

    The spark is back.

    I wasn’t sure it would ever happen, but I feel like God has given me a tiny glimpse of the possibilities of the future and with it comes the excitement, the push to get out of bed in the morning, the desire to better myself, and the hope.  I have no idea if my dreams will become reality, but that really isn’t my problem; that’s God’s problem.  I asked God for a place to direct my energies, a vague goal to shoot for, a vision for my future, AND HE ANSWERED!!

    It’s been bubbling under the surface all week, distracting me, making me shake with excitement, giving energy . . .

    But the time is not right.  I must be patient.  This is my week to teach about patience/longsuffering.  I’m getting lots of practice.