• 18Nov

    I’m torn between gloating and acting like it was no big deal, but either way I have to admit that I am just tickled.

    I installed a dishwasher yesterday!!  My delivery guys showed up before I was ready for them and I was scrambling to get the old one unhooked (which I also managed to do with minimal mess) while they were standing there waiting for me.  It’s the Lord’s grace that kept me calm and thinking clearly I’m sure.  I’ve also been struggling with some attitude issues  in some of my children and so the pressure was on to remain calm while dealing with frustrating situations (not totally sure I managed that one).

    I had to hook up the plumbing, wire in the plug, and make sure the stabilizers were level, all while the kids were finishing up school.  We turned the electrical and water back on and I ran some water through it, but I haven’t done a full load yet.  That is this morning’s trauma, because I’m sure that I must have made a mistake somewhere.

    I was sad to see the old one go.  Little changes like that can really cause havoc.  The learning curve on a machine that is such an integral part of our daily lives can be . . . well, a bit stressful.  The old one was one that Dan purchased in West Virginia as an anniversary present after I spent several months washing dishes in a bowl of water that I had to get from the upstairs bathroom.  =} So it has a few memories attached to it, but it was either get a new one or continue to live with the perpetually dirty dishes and towel and drip bucket sitting in kicking range of my kitchen sink.  (I’ve debated the merits of just having the kids wash the dishes . . . but not really wanting to put my energy into that particular battle at this point in my life.)  Practicality won over sentimentality.

    So I’m off to brave the dangers of amateur plumbing.  =) At least I know where the shut off valve is!  =)


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