• 19Feb

    I just read a devotional that encouraged parents not to put the good times on hold because they were going through hard times.         And I laughed.             If Dan and I had tried to wait till we had some money to do fun stuff we would have gone nowhere.

    And yet I’ve always sorta believed that the early years of child rearing were the survival years.  And if those were the only kind of years that I had with Dan, trying to just “survive,” then I am afraid that I missed out on something.

    I guess that isn’t really true.  Dan and I spent time together at the park, we had picnics and romantic get-away’s, we took trips to visit parents, there was the trip to OR, there was MOPS and friends at church.  My life was not on hold.  It’s true that we didn’t get to do as much as we wanted because of lack of money and eventually lack of energy, but we weren’t living on hold.  They might have been “survival years,” but we did more than just “survive.”  Dan would never have been content to just survive.  He wanted more out of life and he drug me along (willingly) to enjoy it with him.  I’ve been tormenting myself with the thought that “If those were the survival years then I missed life with Dan.”  It’s a LIE!

    Praise the Lord, the truth shall set you free.

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