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    I’ve read that as a culture, we as parents worry more about our duties as parents than previous generations did.  Apparently (= if a child turned out different than they were trained it was assumed that it was the child’s decision and choice.  Today we worry about ruining our child’s self esteem, whether we have destroyed their confidence, or if some inadvertent comment is going to scar them for life.

    I’m wondering if we are constantly worried about our parenting skills, won’t our children pick up on that worry?  They might assume we don’t know what we are doing, making it much easier for them to claim control (depending on their personality) or to cower in fear from everything unsure of their training.

    God has not given us the power of fear but of love.  We are not to live in fear; we are to trust.  God is in control and our children must eventually make their own choices.  It doesn’t matter if you are a good parent or a rotten parent, God is bigger than all that.  If your fear controls you, then God does not.

4 Comments to Just a thought . . . .

  • True, but I don’t think you are promoting that parents should not be trying to be the best parents they can be – by God’s strength and following Biblical principles. 🙂 Love you!

  • too true. there are extremes both ways. guess I’m trying to remind myself that I should have confidence in God not my parenting skills. =)

  • Interesting thoughts. Rather than worry, maybe we need to work harder at being Godly parents and trust God for the outcome of our children. Our ultimate goal should be to have children who know the scriptures and put their trust in Jesus as their Savior.