• 18Dec

    This morning I look out my window to my own little winter wonderland.  The neighbor’s yard has the fresh unbroken look that calls for footprints and explorations as it gives the appearance of a beautiful arctic waste where no man has gone before.

    My yard has been explored.  =)  There are literally thousands of tiny footprints (and some not so tiny) making trails in every direction through the glistening snow.  The front yard is covered with sled tracks, foot prints, snow angels, and even a snowball fort.

    Maybe my yard has lost the quiet peaceful look of a snowy morning, but I find myself smiling with love as I think of the joys of my children as they play in the snow and I’m not sorry that my yard looks a bit more chaotic.  I love each and every one of my children (even the troublemakers) and I wouldn’t trade my yard for the neighbor’s yard for anything.

  • 17Dec

    My kids are really starting to eat.

    We made cookies on Saturday.   Between the three families present (#4 had to stay home because of the snow) we made roughly 70 doz. cookies.  We cut back.  =) Till we divided them up I’d say we took home about 24 dozen give or take a few.  Today is Tuesday and I think we have a few crumbs left of that last dozen or so.  That ought to be enough sugar for them for the rest of the month, right?

    I’m looking forward with amusement to our family holiday dinner.  Will they clean the table, or will they be so distracted by cousins that eating becomes secondary.  How much longer will it be till I can’t keep much of anything in the house as far as food is concerned?

  • 16Dec
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    It’s 8:15 and a little boy wanders into my room barely awake.  “Mamma, can I eat my lollipop?”  I chuckle at the enthusiasm that makes him think of it first thing when he wakes up and tell him he needs to eat his breakfast first.  “But Mommy, then I will be full.”

    “Honey, that lollipop is full of sugar and the only thing it is good for is rotting your teeth.  Fill up on breakfast and then you can eat the lollipop.”

    I’ve been burdened by our lollipop mentality lately.  We are so concerned with the sweets of this life that we forget to fill up on the good stuff.  We spend more time chasing rainbows than reading our devotions.  We choose to fill our minds with fantasy (books, movies, video games, etc) rather than with the Word of God.  The sweets of this life are only good for the moment of pleasure and then they rot your teeth.

    I don’t know about you, but I need more of the Bread of Life and less of the junk food that Satan is tempting us with on a daily basis.  Hmmm. . . sounds like a spiritual diet, just in time for the holidays.  =)