• 24Nov
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    It is still dark and I’m driving west.  The dark thunderclouds before me are intimidating and I contemplate my future with trepidation, but then I notice something in my rearview mirror.  There is a dividing line in the sky behind me just hovering over the mountaintops.  A warm orange color is slowly spreading it’s way across the sky as dawn overtakes the darkness of night.  Gradually the thunderclouds in my future lose some of their angry look and I relax knowing that the storm is manageable.

    As dawn slowly lightens the sky I am amused to realize that many things in my life are like that.  How often have I panicked and allowed fear to swallow me as I look ahead at the things that I can’t control.  But when I pause to look at the way that God has provided for me in the past, remember the promises that He has already given me for the future, and look at the future through the rose colored glasses of God’s dawning light, then I can relax knowing that with God all things are possible.

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