• 14Nov

    The holidays are nearing and with them the incredible desire to have a cookie day.  =)  We saw some snow this week as if to confirm that winter is upon us and the baking season can officially begin.  I like to bake during the winter.  The heat from the stove helps to heat the house and I can pretend that I’m helping to conserve energy by accomplishing two things at once.  Baking means that I’m in the kitchen more frequently which hopefully will also translate to more and better meals.  I’ve noticed an increase in appetite in my boys lately that has me nibbling my nails in trepidation.  I’ve heard all the stories about how teenage boys eat and I know that is coming up fast.  The fear of the unknown nibbles the cookie of my time as I wonder, “will I be spending all day in the kitchen just trying to satisfy their appetite?”  =)  Ha! Ha!  I just had to phrase it like that . . =) . . a bit lame I know.  I’ll work on it. =)

    Anyway, as the season speeds ever nearer I pray that I will be able to take the time to reconnect with my kids and my Saviour, . . . maybe even while we make cookies.=)  I want to be able to enjoy the whole cookie of life, and outside of a fulfilling relationship with my Jesus I’m afraid that all I will get will be the crumbs.

    Pray with me?

2 Comments to Cookies

  • Praying for you and your children to make memories in the kitchen that will be everlasting in helping them to build a relationship with the Savior. I’ve been feeling the urge to bake, too.

  • praying for you and your beautiful family that this winter will be one of deep meaning and growth for all.