• 25Oct
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    I read a friend’s blog the other day and laughed and laughed.  She has always been able to make me smile and her writing skills draw me into her day and allow me to share in her laughter and fun.  I smiled as I put away my computer so that I could focus on the duties of the day and mused that maybe God had given her this special talent just so that a few privileged people could enjoy her humor and get a new perspective on things and maybe give them the encouragement they need to get through the day.

    Is it possible that God gives great talent just so we can minister to a few people?  And maybe it is the ‘world’ that pushes us to be popular, write the next best seller, minister to thousands, feed millions, and preach to every and any poor soul who has two ears.  Is it possible that I have a great talent that is only to be used for popularity with the 7 little dwarves that live under my roof, for writing sporadic tales of entertainment and morality only for my blog and my children, for ministry in my home and church, for feeding those aforementioned dwarves, and for teaching and preaching within the four walls of my house?

    God has often blessed families with a babe in the womb whose sole talent lay in the fact that they are able to make their mothers love them.  And then they are gone.  The great talent of creating love, in that situation, only touches a few, and yet God deems it important.

    And, if it is possible that God gives great talent to bless few people, can I be content with that?

    Actually, that’s a bit of a relief tonight.

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