• 19Jan

    I woke discouraged by the thought of the battle I would be facing that day against an almost invisible enemy.  How does one gird on their courage for the invisible and unknown?  Several elements conspired to make me feel somewhat emotionally weak and I wished there were some way I could hide under my pillow and emerge after the battle was over.  But the call of my children pulled me from the depths of my bed and my day began.  One minute at a time we fought the good fight.  Often I felt like slumping to the floor in tears, but the grace to continue was always there.  Finally, reaching the end of what I and my family could physically accomplish to vanquish the enemy I slumped in a chair, tired and emotionally and physically worn out.  Then a knight in shining armor appeared with a simple bottle of tea.  He had noticed my preference, had known the need for a pick-me-up, and had made a small purchase on my behalf.  I cried.  Again, God uses the people in my life to give just that touch of encouragement that helps to keep me going.

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