• 18Dec
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    Well, the Christmas season is in full swing and yet my heart is heavy.  I cry for those I know who are going through their first Christmas of their season of grief.  I have accepted my new normal and feel comfortable with my life, but there is just something about this season that seems to send signals to my brain telling me that all is not quite as it should be.  I also tend to need more sleep this time of year so that could play into it a little bit.  =)

    We do have a tree up and some lights in the playroom.  We had our annual ‘cookie day’ where we got together with cousins and friends and made . . oh, I don’t know . . a hundred dozen cookies.  Most of them are gone already.  We had our Christmas Cantada at church (all but the youngest were involved in that).  I have some cards . . . I just haven’t done anything with them.  There are a few gifts in hiding . . .

    And yet there is so much more to Christmas than that.  The GriefShare group that I co-led this fall reminded me that we are celebrating the birth of the one that came to DIE for us.  As a widow I have  a new perspective on the idea of celebrating a death.  I still can’t put it into words, but somehow the HOPE that Christmas presents is so much more poignant and real.

    I hope you all take some time to meditate on the real meaning of Christmas and the Hope that we have in Christ if we believe on Him.



  • 01Dec

    Wahoo!  Basketball is back in season!  I do so love going to the games.  It is my chance to get out, to socialize, and to have some good old fashioned fun.  Of course you might think that my whole personality changes . . . =)  I jump and yell and scream myself hoarse, rather than being the calm, quiet mother of seven with a load of responsibility on her shoulders.  Maybe that’s the fun part; I can forget for approximately 60 minutes that I have all that responsibility and just relax and have fun.  So, if you saw (or heard) me last night and thought I was going crazy . . . ha ha, well, you were right.  =)