• 23Nov
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    Why are we so surprised when God does something that “we wouldn’t do”?  It doesn’t shock us speechless when our husbands act differently than we do, or our brothers and sisters decide to do something different from what we want to do.  We expect them to act differently because they aren’t wired the same way we are.  Well, God isn’t wired the same way we are.  “His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways.”

    It might shock us when we find out a neighbor murdered her husband, or a co-worker cheated on his wife, but we probably didn’t have a very close relationship with them.  It is easier to accept that those that we know intimately are very different from us.

    Do I have an intimate knowledge of God?  Can I accept that He is so very different from me?  Can I assume that as the boss of my life, His plan might be different from anything I have come up with at this point?

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