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    I forget sometimes that Joseph had no idea what God had in store for him.  He was in chains.  He was forsaken by his family.  Those who he thought would protect him had turned their backs on him and sold him into slavery.  He had no idea what was going on.  He could have given up.  He could have turned his back on God.  He could have slid into depression and turned inward.  He could have moped and whined.  We live in the moment without a realistic view of the future.

    I could be married several years down the road, I could be an old maid, I could have more kids, I could have less.  God knows my future and He knows my dreams.  I have to let it rest in His hands.  My story isn’t told just yet.  You have to live through the pain and uncertainty before your story can be told.

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  • Anyone who has raised her family of 7 children for the glory of the Lord is not “an old maid” in anyone’s book!

    I am writing a year-long book of devotionals for ACTION (Action International Ministries. I plan to write each month’s chapter on a different theme. January will be about the 2nd coming of Christ. If you would like to contribute one day’s
    devotional (or several) approximately one page (4 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches long) with New Times Roman font and permission to edit it (or them), I would be honored to have them. I have not decided on a theme for that month yet–probably “Grief” or “From Grief to Glory”. Any suggestions? Wentworth Pike

  • Joseph. My favorite Old Testament character. God truly does know better than we do…we just have to trust Him. Sounds so simple. Why do we struggle so. I love you, my daughter. Keep casting all your troubles on His shoulders. He IS able to bear them.