• 25Jan
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    I had an epiphany tonight!!  =) 

    Dan and I used to wonder just what made heaven so great.  Other than the fact that the alternative was a less than pleasant idea, logically speaking we couldn’t figure out why we would want to have a huge mansion in a city full of people.   Tonight I figured it out.  We were thinking of heaven as a placeBut heaven isn’t a place, heaven is the presence of God. 

    Think of the saying “home is where the heart is.”  We realize that the house doesn’t make a home, it’s the people, your family, that makes a place a home.  It’s the same way with a church.  The church building doesn’t make a church, it’s the people who use the building, the body of believers, that make up the church.  Heaven is the same way.  It’s not a building, a city, or a place, it’s the people you are surrounded with, it’s being in the presence of the Almighty God, it’s the lack of sin, pain, and death.

    Now how cool is that?!!

6 Comments to Heaven is the Presence of God

  • Lisa,

    This is huge. I had to be told before I realized the same thing, but nothing else besides God himself could be wonderful for eternity.

    There is enough of him and enough excellence in him to explore, enjoy and rejoice in for all eternity. Not only that but we will get to share that experience with millions of others who think it is the greatest thing ever.

    I had not thought of the place vs presence paradigm and its parallel to the church. I’ll have to use that, with due credit of course.

    Thanks for an encouraging note.

  • Yes, Heaven — the absence of sin and the presence of God. We bought Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn for our boys. Very interesting and easy to read, not to mention informative.