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    While making some of my preparations for the Christmas season this year my children asked me to tell them a story.  I was reminded of the poem that my Pastor in WV said reminded him of me.  And this is what came out.


    There was a young woman who lived with a crew,

    She had so many shoes she didn’t know what to do.


    Sneakers for this one, and boots for that,

    To top it all off there was a matching hat.


    The piles they did make by the front door and back,

    Caused her to yell, “I want a sack!”


    She packed them all up and threw them o’er her shoulder.

    The weight of it all felt like a great big boulder.


    The weight made her grouchy like the Grinch from another tale,

    “When will it all end!” she began to wail.


    “I can’t do it alone, I just want to quit.

    I want to stop cleaning for just a little bit!”


    “We want to help.  Yes, Mommy, we do!”

    Came the voices of the owners of all those shoes.


    Just a few minutes or maybe more,

    And all those shoes ran out the door.


    Mommy sat down with a great big thump,

    “Why oh why, was I such a grump?”


    This burden I carry is not mine at all.

    God will take it if I but call.


    Some of you laugh and say “Oh, that’s so cute!”  And I must admit, that reaction was my original intent.  But to tell you the truth the more I thought about this silly little poem, the more I realized just how true it was.  I have been getting caught up in the silly frustrations that are an everyday occurrence in our lives and I have been piling them all into a big sack that I keep trying to carry around with me. 

    Most of my friends and neighbors don’t see that sack, but I’m guessing they can see the results.  Maybe they see that my smile is a bit harder to come by, or maybe they can hear the self pity that laces my conversation.  Maybe they don’t see it at all, but I do, and I know God does.  And He is wondering why I don’t trust Him enough to hand Him the sack and let Him carry the burden for me.

    So, I guess I need to start my new year off right, hand over my sack, and have a childlike enjoyment of the days to come; free from the frustrations and worries that drag me down.

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  • Liisa, are you following Suanna’s blog! Those symptoms must be characteristic of moms with young kids. I remember them.