• 14Dec

     “When I am weak, He is strong.”

    Those words have been floating around in my head a lot the last couple of days.  I am weak.  This single parenting stuff is tough.  And there are many days when I don’t think I can handle it.  But God is gracious and He has provided the strength to continue on.  The roller coaster ride of “We are doing just fine – – Oh, there is just so much I can’t do!” drives me bananas.  I like things neat, orderly, and systematic. And currently my life is pretty much anything but that.

    At least ‘He is strong.’  He’s my shoulder to cry on, my strong arm to hold me up, my warm hug when the days are rough, my advice when I don’t know what to do, and my comfort when I know I’ve failed again.  He has promised to work THROUGH me, and I’m going to hold Him to that promise.