• 26Nov
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    A dream.

    I am alone looking contentedly around me when he appears.  I smile recognizing our friendship.  He reaches out and grabs the tips of the three fingers on my right hand and pulls, “Come on, I have something to show you” he says, his voice is excited and I smile at his enthusiasm.  As we hurry toward our destination I am dimly aware of the fact that he has not released me and his thumb is slowly caressing my fingers in a silent question I’m not sure I dare acknowledge.  We enter a room lined with several bookshelves and I tease him about his lack of books in comparison to my own library.  He takes the joke good naturedly as he scans the shelves in front of him looking for a particular book.  He doesn’t let go of my hand and I am content.

    The dream flickers and again I am alone.  My destination is unknown, but I must pass through this long room, lined with many people who know me and who have been watching my life.  He appears at the other end.  His destination leads him past me in the direction from which I have just come.  Once again we smile in recognition of our friendship, but after the last incident there is just a little bit more involved and our hearts smile as well.  We must pass closely as the room is narrow and many people line the walls.  Our hands brush and automatically clasp as we try to maintain the connection midst the business of our lives.  We continue on our separate ways holding on as long as we can and I am aware that everyone around can see that our hearts have communicated even if our lips have not.

    As I leave the room I am aware of heads bending toward each other and whispered speculations being shared: some are smiling, some are worried.  I am thankful you care.  I’m glad you have noticed, but worried that you might push.  These things take time and our hearts need to slowly strengthen the bond we share before we even dare consider the future.

    When I wake up I am amused by the emotions I still feel.  The contentment is still there.  My heart is still smiling dimly in recognition and I feel peaceful.  What does it all mean?  Is there a face to the other heart in my dream.  I long for that connection of hearts again, but there is peace in knowing that God is in control.  His connection to my heart is real and far stronger.  I will rest in Him.

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  • No pushing here! 🙂 I am so thankful for your peace. Also, I wonder if God gave you that dream so that you could communicate clearly ahead of time to that roomful of people watching? God is wonderfully nice like that, isn’t He!