• 06Sep
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    I’m watching the sun rise this morning with my cup of cappuccino and my computer and my God. There has been a lot of stress put on Bible reading as part of my devotions in my life and I’ve struggled with that. It’s hard to be awake enough to read the Bible first thing in the morning. Some days I don’t have the time because some kid or other is in my bed or I wake up after they are all up and moving and things just start rolling before I even have a chance to regroup. But I discovered something this morning. Prayer is an essential part of devotions too. This has slowly been working it’s way into my consciousness lately, but I’ve been having a hard time accepting it. Prayer is not quantifiable. But it’s prayer that gets the heart and mind ready to hear and absorb the scriptures. Prayer is definitely a part of my life, but it doesn’t get near the attention it should. I think, “I know God is majestic. He knows He’s awesome. Why do I have to put it in words?” But then why do I have to write a book? Basically I’m just trying to put my life into words (or someone’s life). By putting it in to words I’m validating my existence. By praying I’m am validating God’s presence . . in my life as well as His. Gotta run.

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  • Wow! never thought of it that way…validating.
    I loved your quote ” By praying I’m validating God’s presence…”

    Glad your back! Always good to hear how you are.