• 06Sep

    Friends and faithful supporters made it possible for us to take a trip this summer.  We spent a week with them in TN at the Bill Rice Ranch, visited with my Pastor from my home church and his wife for a couple of days, and then we spent a day at the Creation Museum in KY.  It was a wonderful trip.

    We had a few interesting complications, but nothing that God didn’t handle for us.  Apparently I had bad bearings (or something like that) on my two front tires of the van and they were doing a number on my tires.  But Daniel noticed the problem and volunteered to rotate a couple of tires for me which took care of the problem till I could get home and get my mechanic to fix the issue.  I also ran into some trouble with my windshield wipers, but I was able to make those adjustments with only a minor inconvenience or two.  And gas was cheaper outside of PA so we were actually able to do the trip for a little bit less than I expected.

    I met someone interesting at camp that taught me a few things about the goodness of God and reminded me that God’s IS ABLE.  We enjoyed the chance to catch up with friends, meet their children, and make new friends.  We had time to play in the swimming pool and Judy was able to teach a couple of my kids to swim and most of the rest of them to not be quite so afraid of water (that was actually an ongoing summer project that Judy handled beautifully).  And we got family pictures that I currently have spread over my bedroom floor trying to decide who they go to and if they will fit into our Christmas cards (which means that I need to get working on Christmas cards-takes me a couple of months to do a project like that).

    Judy (a cousin from MI), was actually the second major blessing that made this whole trip possible.  Paul and Sharon provided the resources/place to stay, but Judy made it possible for us to go.  My children like to travel and they handled the trip very well, but it would have been a lot more stressful for me without that second pair of hands that allowed us to spread out and divide up the children as needed.  Thanks for sharing part of your summer with us again, Judy!!

    There were several others who made the trip possible and enjoyable and I would like to list all their names, but for privacy’s sake I think I will refrain.  So instead I will just say a great big THANK YOU to you all, you know who you are, and God knows who you are.

    Oh, and since we were taking the trip, somewhere in the part of my brain labeled insanity, I decided it would be great if I could get my “house” scrapbook finished and take it along.  It was great incentive to get that scrapbook done and out of the way, but I definitely should have started it WAY sooner.  We got it done, but I was definitely not handling the pressure very well.  Many thanks to all who pitched in on that particular project.  On to the next one.  =)

    And one more plug, if you haven’t been to the Creation Museum I would definitely recommend it.  Thanks to all my kids who have been saving for quite a few years for that particular visit.  We will have to do it again when you all are a bit older.  It was fun!

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