• 25Sep

    On a lighter note:

    Payden (3) said that the boys, Benjmain(9), and Josiah (8), had to come back from Grandma’s and help Grandpa build our shed ’cause Grandpa couldn’t do it without them.  =)

    Caleb (2) has decided that he is in school too, and he will stand at one of the school desks and scribble seriously on a piece of paper for quite some time before bringing it to me to score.  Once I put an OK on his page then he is content.  Silly boy.

    Maranatha (5) is halfway through her yellow book (Hooked on Phonics) for her Reading already(we started last year) and doing a great job.  I found her in the playroom with it teaching Payden (3) his letters.

    Dassy (6) thinks she doesn’t like cheese, but Mac and Cheese is her favorite meal.  The rule is “You are only allowed to Not Like ONE thing.”  She has changed her one thing to mushrooms.  Payden (3) has decided (as he eats his hot dog) that he doesn’t like meat!  He cracks me up!  I don’t think he even knows what ‘meat’ is!

    Abigail (7) has managed to overcome her fear and has learned how to ride a bicycle.  Dassy (6) took note and followed her example.  This past weekend Abigail came down a hill a bit too fast on her bicycle and now she has a couple of holes in her chin that might rival the Grand Canyon not to mention several other scrapes and bruises.  No pictures for her for a while.  =)  But she got back on her bike!!  I was so proud!

    Josiah (8) came to me today practically in tears.  He felt terrible about leaving me behind to go play with Uncle Andrew.  Oh sweetheart, thank you for wanting to take such good care of Mommy. 

    Benjamin (9) came to me with a concern about the amount of time he was spending on the computer.  After a discussion about how we should be in control and not let things control us I’ve noted a definite improvement.  He also is doing very well at controlling his candy and sweet intake.  I’ve seen him refuse a desert or treat!  Keep up the good work!

    Me (?) I’ve managed to clean up a couple of piles in my bedroom, got it vacuumed, and started my scrapbook of our trip to TN this summer.  This is a big deal since I think those piles in my bedroom have been there for at least a year maybe longer.  They were really starting to annoy me.  I was actually feeling pretty good about myself and what we’ve managed to accomplish in the last couple of weeks before this grief wave hit.  Good thing these don’t last long.

    As a family we have been working on “peace” as well as some control in our movie watching.  We made it through a whole month without watching a video and did well with limited time on computers.  We are still working on the peace issue. 

    Our pastor has been preaching on grace and I was reminded again today just how much grace God has given us.  So many things we didn’t deserve and He hasn’t quit giving yet.

    God is good. 


3 Comments to The Positives

  • Yah! for the good things. We have been practicing finding the good things too. It sure makes the not so good not so bad. Keep up the good work.

    We will be praying for you to find the right housekeeper/babysitter so that you can have more fun moments with your beautiful children. Love you all.

  • Thanks for the update. You encourage me. We are going to start a study on the Book of John and also on Giving Glory to God. We start it today and we will take time away from our regular school lessons to do this. It will cover all of our usual subjects, just in a different way, except for math. We’ll see how it goes, as I’m planning it as we go 🙂