• 06Sep


    I look out my bedroom window and down into the valley.  I have a marvelous view, but it doesn’t seem right somehow.  It seems narrow and pieces are missing.

    Then I travel down a floor and the length of my house and pause to look out the dining room window.  That’s better.  That’s more the view that I expect.  There is a broad overlook of more of the valley.  I can see more houses and more roads.  But even here my vision is hampered by trees and I am looking out across the valley more than I am looking down on it. 

    My perspective has changed.  But even though my perspective has changed I still can’t see the whole picture.  Reminds me of life.  Something happens in our life and in the whiplash of emotions surrounding us we see a very narrow picture.  Sometimes we struggle to reach out and wipe away the trees that hide the view from our eyes.  We question what God is doing and yet we know in our hearts that He has a plan.  And then something changes, maybe we accept God’s will in our life, maybe our position changes, or our hearts calm and we are ready to face the days challenges.  That is when our view changes as well.  Our vision is less obscured and we can see a larger picture that satisfies us, or at least comforts us with the familiar.  But in reality we still can’t see the whole.  Only God can fill in all the missing pieces.  But in the mean time we need to be content with what we can see and continue to do our daily tasks with the joy of the Lord and the peace of God that passes all understanding.

    God is faithful.  His plans do not change just because we cannot see.  Our job is to continue on.

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  • Continue on! Trusting in the eyes of the Savior to see past the trees and make our life beautiful! Keep trusting and continuing on! Thank you for sharing. Liisa you have such a beautiful way of putting your thoughts on the page. Your words are encouraging.