• 24Sep

    I’ve lost my nanny.  She was done the end of June. Judy volunteered to help again for July and the first week or so of August, but since she headed off for college I’ve been trying to swing things on my own.  School started and I’ve asked a couple of older ladies to help throughout the week, an hour or two occupying the younger children, teaching the older ones how to clean or make lunches, or teaching a class here and there. 

    I find that I can handle the full weight of responsibility like this for about a month before I start feeling a little crazy and overwhelmed.  I can do all the cleaning, school work, laundry, gardening, cooking, blah, blah, blah, but it doesn’t leave me any time (that I’m not exhausted) for training and loving on my children.  Don’t get me wrong, the kids are a big help.  They have their chores and actually do most of the cleaning for me, but they still need someone to come after them every now and then and clean thoroughly.  We are working on that (in my spare time).

    I remember telling Dan that if we had one more kid we were going to need to hire a maid.  I think that might have been after Maranatha (almost 5).  We’ve had 2 since then.  So, today I am going to be meeting with someone to see about the possibility of hiring her as our cleaning lady.  Even with all the kid’s help it amazes me how much time I spend cleaning.

    Anyway, I guess I’m asking that you all would pray for wisdom, sanity, and discernment.  I want to make sure I hire the right person.  I need to be able to trust her with my children as well as my house.  I need the freedom of time.  I need peace of mind.  And I don’t want to usurp the Lord’s right to provide or create an attitude of laziness in me or my children.

    Thanks again, all, for listening and praying.  You are the best!!

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  • Hi Lisa!
    I just have 2 and can’t keep up with cooking, cleaning and caring for them! MAYBE if they all went to school you’d have time during the day to take care of things at home while they were gone, but with the kids there all day, you need someone!!! I’ll be praying you find the right person to take that load, so you can keep focusing on your kids!

  • I hear you! Being able to trust her with your kids and wondering if this will promote laziness would be two of my biggest question marks, too, if I were in your place. I’m praying! Good thing God is giving! 🙂