• 12May

    Ten years ago today


    Ten years ago today I gave my Danny a big hug that said “I love you to pieces and I don’t care who knows.”

    Ten years ago today he hugged me back.

    Ten years ago today they spent more time getting his hair to lay flat than I spent getting mine to be curly.

    Ten years ago today he was late as usual, although he claimed that was Wayne’s fault.

    Ten years ago today I paced the floor in excitement.

    Ten years ago today he was told to take special note of my dress.

    Ten years ago today we were surrounded by family and friends.

    Ten years ago today we almost started a fire in the church with a candle.

    Ten years ago today we kissed.

    Ten years ago today we forgot the food.

    Ten years ago today someone made a mess of our car.

    Ten years ago today Dan carried me over the mud puddles.

    Ten years ago today we forgot the camping gear.

    Ten years ago today we picked up a friends luggage.

    Ten years ago today we loved.

    Ten years ago today we started a new life together.


    Today I am alone and I grieve the loss, but I know that “HIS way is perfect.”

    Today the pain is great, but “His mercies are new every morning.”

    Today my heart was sore, but “the Comforter has come.”

    Today . . .


    What a difference ten years can make.


    Psalm 23:3-4  He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

9 Comments to 10 Years

  • It is so sad. I wish I could take away the pain, but so often God uses that pain. I like the song Blessings by Laura Story. The message of the song is that God uses suffering to make us draw near, to realize that the things of this world cannot satisfy our eternal need. Praying for you Liisa. God chose you to suffer in ways that I cannot imagine. My suffering seems so small next to yours. God loves you so much. Your faith encourages me. Be strong in the Lord. Who knows what He will accomplish in another ten years. We will be amazed.

  • It was a beautiful day 10 years ago. We are so sorry for your loss, but we rejoice with your wonderful memories. God is faithful and He makes everything beautiful in His time. I’ve been praying for you this week.

  • Oh, Liisa. How I ache for you. Dan was such a fun man! I wonder (seriously) if Jesus has Dan planning the blueprint for your mansion in Heaven? I think (although I have no proof) that God uses our current talents and personalities for His glory in Heaven, too. In the meantime, Dan is very missed here.

  • Ten years ago, you walked down the aisle to “Guide Me, Oh, Thou Great Jehovah.” He has, and He will.

  • This morning as I prayed and tried not to grieve, I realized that God loves me even more than my Ken loved me. That is hard for my heart to grasp. As we think of our wedding days, and the love it represented, and the love we wanted to give, we MUST realize that we have to love God even more. I knew my husband 4 months before we were married. Tomorrow will be 5 months since my husband died. It is taking much longer for me to get close to God than it did to get close to Ken! Maybe we are just older and busier now. But is there something we can regain from our courtship with our loves that we can experience with God? I’m hoping so and praying so for all of us who are feeling the finality of the end of that life we started with high hopes. How do we have those same high hopes now, with our perfect Lord at our side? Now I understand why some of you have “gone away with God” sometimes for a weekend.

  • Ten years ago today I was sad that I could not come to see you hug, and Dan carry you across the puddles, and see Dan be late and just be there for you both. And 10 years ago today I realized for the first time how much like Dan my own son was, how they thought the same as I remember Dan and how they never worried about being on time. And how they both just loved life because life was there. And almost three years ago my son held me tight as our Dan walked into his Father’s Home and this time was not late but early. And now my son will never know his oldest cousin whom he was so like and I greive that loss for him as he does not know what he has lost. But I know my pain and am sure yours is far greater. Today as 10 years ago my prayer for you will be for happiness in your future and the love and joy of children in your home and a closeness to your Heavenly Father that will carry you through your future in a way that will inspire others. So today dear Liisa, we love you and your little ones and we greive your loss. May this be a day of blessing inspite of the pain. Auntie Joanne