• 19Feb

    So, the kids are gone for a long weekend. 

    I have great plans to spend tons of time with the Lord, get some things accomplished, do some grieving, etc.

    By Friday lunch (kids are to leave before supper), I realize that I am quite sick.  What’s that saying about the plans of mice and men?  =(

    I have determined that this will not stop me.  My list of things to accomplish is long, but some of it I can do in bed.  I start with a nice soak in the tub which helps with the muscles sore from sickness and I watch a video about my kids grief at the same time.  Start planning how to share this information with others who help with my children.

    Bedtime by 7, because I can and because I’m not doing much moving.  Hoping and planning on a special breakfast, but we will see.

    Restless night again (been dreaming about Dan and having a hard time sleeping when I’m not).  So I’m up at 1:30 a.m. and decide to do some work, because I can.  Don’t have to get up tomorrow if I don’t want to (or at least not way earlier than I want to because Caleb (2) wants breakfast and will get it himself if I’m not there to intervene). 

    The wind is really strong again and I’m afraid for the safety of my front door.  I really think I need to put in some trees somewhere for a windbreak out there.  Couple problems with that: the expense, don’t want to ruin the view, and digging the holes in the rock I have for a front yard.  Maybe I can come up with some solutions while I’m stuck here in my bed.

    I’d like to grouch and complain, Lord.  I think I could have enjoyed this much better without the aching head, nauseated stomach, and scratchy eyes.  I guess you work better in my weakness, though, huh.  Well, I’m weak.  Do your best!

    I am thankful that I’m not trying to deal with being sick and keeping the children out of trouble at the same time.  I am thankful that it’s not worse.  I could be laid up for an extended period of time.  I could be struggling with health issues on a daily basis.  I could be without help for the children.  Thank you, Lord, for your protection and provision once again.  You are faithful.  Hold me close and help me get the rest I need so that I am once again ready to fight the battles of child rearing.  Refresh my spirit and soften my heart so that I am once again tender to the directions of the Holy Spirit.  Love you!

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