• 23Feb
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    Have been learning about priorities a bit this weekend.  Our preacher on Sunday said that so many Christians are trying to be happy Christians.  sounds good.  We want people to look at us and wonder what we have, isn’t ‘happy’ one of the ways of doing that?

    Then he said that God really isn’t concerned with our happiness.  What?!!

    God calls us to be holy, not happy.  If we are following God’s call of holiness then we will be happy by default.

    So if you see a Christian who is not happy . . . If I am not happy . . . Then my priorities must be messed up somewhere.

2 Comments to Happy or Holy

  • i think you misstate Rev. Conklin when you report him to say “God really isn’t concerned with our happiness.” But i do agree that God’s priority is our holiness.

  • I am tentatively disagreeing with that last sentence. It is possible to be grieving or angry or any number of emotions and still be holy. For example, a four year old girl in my class has been kidnapped. Her mother is not happy, but she is definitely holy. She is angry at the person who took her daughter, but she is also extending grace and forgiveness and even love (which is amazing me).

    But you probably agree with what I’ve written, while I’ve misinterpreted what you wrote! 🙂