• 04Nov

    A note Benjamin (8) wrote last night   (ps: his teacher is still working with him on his spelling) :

    I love you God and i hope you are halping Daddy.
    and i want you to get us a new Daddy and i dont want hem
    not to do wath we wated.


    I love you God and I hope you are helping Daddy.
    And I want you to get us a new Daddy and I don’t want him to do the things we didn’t want him to do (eg. smoke, drink, drugs, beard, fat . . . )


    after countless hugs and demonstrations of ‘clingyness’ I pulled him into my lap and asked him what he was looking for, and gave him examples: are you looking for attention, your shoes, a new daddy, a hug . . .

    His reply: 

    I’m looking for love.


    Sigh.  I can’t give it to him, or at least not enough. 

    And I warned him tonight that a new daddy won’t be able to fill that hole either.  Only Jesus can fill that hole.  It is obvious to us as a family, due to our circumstances, that there is a hole (I believe everyone has a hole, it just might not be as noticeable) and I realize a little bit more each day that we will never be complete until we reach heaven.

    Lord Jesus, come quickly.