• 15Oct

    Benjamin (8) told me tonight that he wants two Daddy’s.  He knows Jesus is his Daddy, but he wants another one. 

    I wish I could get him one for his birthday.

    I’ve missed him too, these last couple of days.

    “What do we call a ‘daddy’ when we adopt him?”  he also wanted to know.

    I was amused at the idea of adopting a Daddy, vs. a Daddy adopting the kids.

    I’m just waiting for the day one of my kids walks up to someone and asks them if they will be their new Daddy.  I’m trying to come up with an alternate reaction to blushing profusely and trying to disappear into the woodwork.


    Maranatha (3 going on 4 next week) made me laugh today.  She was the last one at the table for breakfast this morning.  I was in the school room when she pipes up and says, “I’m eating too much sugar on my waffle because I want to be ‘wild’ today.”  =) =)

    I love my kids!  =)

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  • So it’s too much sugar that makes me “wild”. good to know the answer.

    I try to keep that problem in control because of diabetes restrictions, but I’m a bit “wild” anyway.

    We enjoyed Canadian Thanksgiving last week-end. Ellen and Frank came up from Calgary on Monday and brought turkey, etc. Also Ellen had met a lady at church on Sunday morning who is a mutual friend — and she came also. What a day!! Joanne and family came on Sunday afternoon. That was great, too.

    Today here was quite windy and chilly. Perhaps the wind was especially strong to dry out the standing grain that had gotten soaked with rain during the night. The farmers in this area are hoping for “good” weather so they can get the grain in, but during any 24 hour period we seem to have some rain.

    And it is getting dark outside very early these days. An indication that winter is on the way. And as I went for my walk this afternoon I wished I had put on a warmer coat. I lived through it, but…. If there is a wind like that tomorrow I will try to remember to bundle up more.

    How are things going with your new house help? It seems like a full time job to “teach school” for four or five children, so I am thankful you have help.

    We had a mini fire drill here in the Manor as the fire chief wanted to be sure all our outlets and equipment were in good working order, in case of emergency.
    Those sirens are SO loud, we are thankful they didn’t have to ring for too many minutes.

    Tomorrow is Saturday. Hope I can remember all the things I need to do on Saturday. My memory is getting old and it doesn’t function like it used to.

    Have a wonderful week-end. Love, Gramma Ewing. (Great Gramma)

  • I’ve heard of people adopting grandparents before. Maybe they find someone else’s Daddy they like a whole lot and spend a little bit of time with that person/family doing things boys would do with a Dad.

    I love Maranatha’s comment. It sounds like she and Kaomi would get along great.

  • Well, adopting a Daddy is a great idea. When we were kids I think they called it having a mentor, but it is great to know that you have someone to answer the questions that you would have asked your dad if he was able to be there. I had a few different ones at different stages of my life. I mostly just called them Mr. So and so, but I had friends who adopted a dad and they called him dad.

    Course if they are thinking more permanent than that is a questions only you and Mr. Somebody could answer if you felt it was what God had for you. But, I hear their heart longing.

    We will pray for guidance and someone to mentor for now.

    Got to love the sugar! Now that might be a good substitute for something 🙂

    Love you all