• 22Oct

    It has been a looooong week.  Several parties, a body that is still adjusting to Not being pregnant, doctor’s visits, over-nighter, school work, company, . . . .  and underlying all of that is the awareness that next week is our 2 year anniversary of Dan’s home-going.

    I miss his big ideas, his talking me to sleep at night, grouching at him to get off the computer and spend some time with his other wife, his hugs, his comments on my clothes, his input on the kid’s training, his assistance with the kid’s training . . .  I miss being a part of a whole.

    Apparently I’m not the only one that is missing  him, or a Daddy in general.  Imaginations have been running wild here lately about what our ‘new daddy’ will be like and all the things a Daddy will do with them.  I need to remind them that Daddy’s usually have to work and that a daddy probably won’t be around as much as they think he would or should be.  That’s part of the problem with imaginations . . they have little to do with reality.

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  • Thanks for writing again and reminding us of where you are. We will remember you all in prayer especially through this time.

  • We will be praying for you during this time. We always remember to pray for you on that anniversary as we have our anniversary that day also. Ours is happy and we pray that yours will be less painful with each passing year. Love you all.

  • October 22 – that was yesterday. I was in Calgary yesterday so did not open my email. I opened it just now and was sorry to think I missed your message of yesterday.

    My purpose for going was to attend the funeral of my husband’s sister’s husband, who has had cancer for a few months, and now he is free. Knowing his life has gone to heaven, we grieve for the family who will miss him here.

    Friends from town here were going to Calgary so took me along. Ellen met me there and took me to her house for lunch. Then we went together to the service. I can still drive in town here, but not in Calgary.

    I haven’t been in a “Ewing gathering” for some time so it was good to say hello to several relatives after the service was over. Ellen’s husband was at work until 4:30 or so but met us across the street in the parking lot there close to the church, and then they drove me back to Three Hills. We stopped part way home to have supper. It was interesting to see the grain fields along the way and note the stage of progression with harvesting. Close to Calgary most have finished. As we drove along we saw some were mostly finished, others only half way done, and some even less than half. I hope the weather stays dry — and suitable for harvesting for a few more days until they are done.

    Earlier yesterday morning i received word that a cousin of mine in Ontario had passed away a couple of weeks ago. Her daughter, who now lives in B.C., had been “home” for the funeral, and to help a bit with her Mom’s things, was now back at her own home and took time to locate me by phone to give me the news.

    Sorry I should not have taken so much of your time with my concerns.
    Blessings as you go on day by day. We are so thankful for the happy life you had with Danny, but he is waiting for you in heaven. God wants to meet your needs — one day at a time.

    Lovingly, Gramma Ewing.

  • Still praying Lisa. I wanted to send you a message on the 29th, but could not. I will be thinking of you during this time and continue to throughout the holiday season. Jenny