• 24Sep

    Yeah!!!  We finally got my sunflower up! 

    My dining room/kitchen/playroom/schoolroom area is all open and with seven children it often echoes quite a bit in there.  So we schemed and designed and came up with a “rug” to put on the ceiling to help with the noise level.  The center is latch hook and was actually the longest part of the project.  And the petals are made from some material that Dan rescued from a job and stuffed just like a pillow.  Then my Dad stapled it all together on plywood and luan and we screwed it to the ceiling.  

    Do you think we should use a big green rope to make a stem come down the wall and maybe paint a big leaf on the wall?  =)


    My Sunflower


    Another Angle

    Thanks Judy and Mom and Dad for your help!  And everyone else who pitched in to help with the latch hook, the scheming, and design.

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