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    Picture your biggest problem (or even a little one).  It’s something you worry about, something you don’t know how to fix.  Maybe it’s even something that you know you can’t fix.  There is nothing you can do to make the problem get better or even go away.

    Now picture taking that problem to someone who can take care of it.

    Example: I NEED a hole dug for a tree.  If I don’t get the tree planted it will die.  I have a shovel and seven children to watch.  #1.  I don’t have the time to dig a large hole.  #2. Everything around here is rock, so even if I had the time a shovel wouldn’t get me very far.  #3.  I don’t have the dirt to help the tree to grow.  Sounds like something of an insurmountable problem, huh.  Now I take that problem to someone I know can take care of it.  Somewhere I have a friend who owns a farm.  On that farm he has a big tractor that can dig me a hole, he has a free Saturday coming up, and he’s got lots of manure that he’s more than willing to get rid of .

    Let me remind you that this is an example!!

    Imagine the relief that comes from knowing that my problem has a solution and it will be taken care of for me. 


    That is where I am tonight.  I’ve been aware of a problem.  I am one person, trying to care for the needs of seven people.  (Even teachers use a 5 to 1 ratio in the classroom and they get to send them all home!  The difficulties at least double when those seven people can’t even take care of themselves.)  After the loss of my nanny last year we settled into something of a routine and I thought we were doing o.k.  Sure, some things were slipping, but I figured I just needed some more time to get into the groove.  If God gave me seven children then surely He expects me to be able to care for them, right? 

    Then we had a volunteer help for a month and I realized just how much was slipping.  My kids notice it too.  Chores aren’t getting done, follow through isn’t happening, attitudes are getting lazy, training is minimal, . . . etc.  Tonight my Dad suggested to me that we need to go back to having a helper in the house.  We don’t really know how we can do it, but the need is there.  We discussed a couple of workable options and while we don’t have a solution just yet, I can feel the pressure releasing.  God will make a way.  I think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.


6 Comments to God Will Make A Way

  • I will be praying for this to work out for you. I could never imagine doing it all by myself with 3. Praying for the right person.

  • Glad (and thankful) to see some solution appearing on the horizon.
    You do have a BIG job on your hands, but we have a BIG God who can bring a solution to your need. I will pray to that end.

    I wish I could help, but in my shaky, clumsy condition I’d only add to the problem, but hopefully there is someone “in the wings” who has good energy and strength and will be able to come along side.

    Love, Gram E.

  • Liisa, I have been thinking of you MUCH lately! I have another friend whose husband just passed away. She has two little boys. I sent her a link to your blog as I think it could be very encouraging to her. I know it always is an encouragement to me. I appreciate your openness and honesty so much! I pray God gives you sweet rest tonight and a calm/peaceful day tomorrow. A reprieve, if you will. 🙂 Love you!