• 14Sep

    Well, I got my help.  Once again the Lord is insisting on doing it His way.  I can work with this, though.  At this point I am just extremely grateful for the assistance.

    Amazing, though, how quickly I start to doubt my decision.  I no sooner get a breather, an easy day, a day without total chaos, and I start to think that I’m just making excuses for why I can’t handle this on my own.  If I have the time and energy to do a few big projects every so often (like clean the garage) then surely I can keep after somehow.  I just need to get organized, . . . .  right?

    It is a fantastic relief to be freed from the responsibilities of cleaning and some of the cooking, though.  I feel like I now have tons of time and energy and that makes me a lot more willing to spend some time playing with the kids (an output of energy I often avoid so I can make it through the day).  And I also feel like there is more time and energy available for the training they all so desperately need.  That is good. 

    Now I just need to figure out how to rearrange my mindset and remember that I have delegated some of my chores to someone else for the advantage of my children.

    Thank you all for your prayers in this endeavor!  The Lord has again provided just what I needed, just when I needed it most, and I know you all had a part in that.  Thank you for your continued support!!!