• 19Aug

    I made a list of things that we have been struggling with and working on lately and just thought that maybe it would be a good thing to share with my prayer partners.

    • The kids have been making a list of things they want in a new daddy (no smoking, no drugs, no strong drink just lots of milk and water although I’m guessing kool-aid and tea would be fine too =), not fat, likes to build, plays games, . . . )  So pray for our new “daddy” and my children’s (and my) attitude about whether or not we get a new daddy.
    • Benjamin has been struggling with anger/violence issues.
    • Josiah feels the need to control everything and whines excessively when he can’t.
    • Abigail hides from difficult situations and lacks self-confidence.
    • Hadassah has become adept at manipulation and is very selfish.
    • Maranatha seems to be absorbing all sorts of bad traits and trying them each out in turn.
    • Payden can be quite the little bully and is backsliding on his potty training.
    • Caleb has his father’s temper (not that his mom doesn’t have one =D).
    • And Mom is having some issues with personal discipline/self-control.

    I’m looking for verses to memorize to combat our specific weaknesses.

    Thank you all!!

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  • Thanks for sharing. We pray for your family on a regular basis and it is good to know up to date things to pray for. We will make our prayers specific to these needs until there is victory. We love you.

  • Dear Liisa,

    Thank you again for keeping us in the loop. I am so sorry for the trial that you are currently facing. Don’t they say “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”?

    I too can relate to some of the feelings that your children are facing, and the part that makes is the most sad for me, is that you don’t have Dan by your side to help make it easier.

    I will look for some verses that might bring some light to the darkness you feel you are facing.

    I think of you so often, and can only hope and pray that things will begin to become somewhat easier, instead of harder, in the coming days, weeks, and months.

    PLEASE know Dan would be SO proud of you ! We love you and are praying for the best for you and the children…..

    Hugs and Love,

    Michelle for the Kotyk’s
    xoxoxo <3

  • Oh dear, Friend! I can relate to a number of the issues you mentioned in your children! As I deal with the discipling issues in my own home, I will seek to uphold you in prayer as well. I think of you often! “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I!” <3

  • Hey Liisa,
    Please know you are not alone. I deal with soooo many of these same issues and often feel so inadequate. I keep thinking “God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called” and thinking I need to go in and get some new thicker armour! But, I try really hard to look how amazingly different each of my children are, even though they have the same biological make up (well at least one group does :} ) And I read a book by Cynthia Tobias once that talked about how God can use these characteristics to make our children stronger and ready to serve at HIS calling if we just hold on to our faith and keep doing what is right. I know it is so hard. It is easier to give in and give up (been there, do that still too much) but when I quit having to be in control and do more to let God be in control it does make a difference. Why then do I seem to have to solve it all, make it better, or handle it all before I ask God to handle it?? Find some good songs to play that help you. I listen to KLove in the kitchen to help me refocus. I keep a parenting book that I’m trying to read and a devotion book in the bathroom and steal minutes to read something… anything to allow myself to learn something to help one of my children. You are so not alone, although I always worry that no one will understand and will judge when they come to my house and see some of the holes, broken things or outbursts.

    If you can find a good family counselor that will take the medical card or insurance card that would be beneficial to you. Birth to three provides a counselor that worked with my younger ones (hard to believe Alivia is 3) and we found an agency that has multiple counselors. The kids have individual counseling one week, the next is group counseling where we talk about or role play some of the issues each of us are having and different ways of solving it. I have learned a llot about the kids through this. Then back to individual. Finding a good counselor, preferably Christian is difficult, check them out! I felt like a failure going to a counselor, but then I realized the disciples went to Jesus to know what to do, and God tells us he will provide what we need (although I would really like it in writing so I don’t miss anything! LOL) but my counselors do help. I don’t always agree with them, but the kids are expressing things I didn’t realize was still going on in their little minds.

    I will continue praying. Please feel free to call me any night, or fb me and I will call you as I have free long distance. Find a MOPS group!! :o)

    Love ya Sweetie.

  • Thanks for sharing. I’ll be praying for these specific things. You are not alone in this. These are struggles every parent has (me too). We’ve been using Colossians 3:12-14 and trying to work specifically at building up the character traits in all of us. Love is the binding of all virtues, if you’re not loving, it will be hard to have all the other good characteristics.

  • I don’t know what more to say than what has been said already, but know you and the children are in my prayers.
    May God continue to bless and strenghten you everyday.

  • Lisa, To see our children exhibit good – GREAT – character is a blessing to our hearts. BUT good character without a change of heart is a white – washed tomb. Always remember that your little ones are sinners in need of a Savior just as you are. Until they are redeemed by the blood of Christ, they have no inner reason to behave. So pray for them; pray earnestly for them to come to know Jesus, and never stop presenting the wonderful ABC’s of His awesome gift. After they believe, they will learn they are saved to follow HIm and to serve. Then when they are challenged with “how would Jesus like me to act, the motivation for behaving has a depth that exceeds our training to do that which is right.