• 05Aug

    Lest you all believe I was grieving for a cat the whole month of July . . .  =)

    Well, . .Hmmm . . . I would love to tell you what all we did during July and why in the world I was too busy to even look at my computer (I think I got my e-mail once or twice), but I just can’t quite figure out where my time went.

    Maybe I will just blame it all on Judy.  =)  It was GREAT having Judy here to help out during the month of July!  I just have to brag on her a bit.  Having someone staying in the house, who loved kids, who was excellent with them, who meshed with my training ideas, who didn’t mind my strange little quirks, who encouraged me to get out and be myself, who didn’t mind cooking, who helped with potty training, who had WAY more energy than I did, who could sympathize, who had some sound advice, who let me talk, who watched movies with me, who encouraged me to eat ice cream, etc, etc, . . well, what can I say?  It was FABULOUS!!  Thank you ever so much, Judy!  And God!!

    I really hadn’t realized just how much I had gotten bogged down under the weight of my many responsibilities.  This past month I got a bit of a release from pressure that I’m hoping will carry me through another year.   God is good.

2 Comments to Now Where Was I?

  • So happy to read of your “refreshing” time with Judy. I’m sure the children enjoyed her, too.

    Enjoy the memory! Love, Gram E./