• 19Aug

    I made a list of things that we have been struggling with and working on lately and just thought that maybe it would be a good thing to share with my prayer partners.

    • The kids have been making a list of things they want in a new daddy (no smoking, no drugs, no strong drink just lots of milk and water although I’m guessing kool-aid and tea would be fine too =), not fat, likes to build, plays games, . . . )  So pray for our new “daddy” and my children’s (and my) attitude about whether or not we get a new daddy.
    • Benjamin has been struggling with anger/violence issues.
    • Josiah feels the need to control everything and whines excessively when he can’t.
    • Abigail hides from difficult situations and lacks self-confidence.
    • Hadassah has become adept at manipulation and is very selfish.
    • Maranatha seems to be absorbing all sorts of bad traits and trying them each out in turn.
    • Payden can be quite the little bully and is backsliding on his potty training.
    • Caleb has his father’s temper (not that his mom doesn’t have one =D).
    • And Mom is having some issues with personal discipline/self-control.

    I’m looking for verses to memorize to combat our specific weaknesses.

    Thank you all!!