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    It’s funny how a gentleman assisting with getting children in and out of a vehicle can just soften me right up.  Thanks so much, Brandon.  You are on my “favorites” list.  =)

    It’s funny how someone volunteering to pay for a meal at a nice restaraunt and helping to get the kids all fed so that I’m not spending more time jumping up and down than I am eating can make me feel loved and cared for.  Thanks Cindy.  I love eating warm food.  You are on my “favorites” list, too.  =)

    It’s funny how an invitation for dinner when I’m feeling exhausted and an asprin and a shove toward the couch can relax me.  Not to mention keeping the kids occupied, cleaning up from their meal, inviting us to go along to the museum in the first place, etc., etc.,  Thanks Jamie.  I’m glad I live this close to you.  You are on my “favorites” list, too.  =)

    It’s funny how a cheery face greeting me after they have spent several hours with my babies makes me want to smile and think that I must be doing o.k. as a mother since my kids haven’t terrorized the babysitter enough that that she never wants to do it again.  Thanks Joanne.  Really don’t know how we would have made it through all this without you and your husband’s help.  You are definitely on my favorite’s list, too.

    It’s funny how a group of children with a desire to serve and some laughs and some words of encouragement can give me enough energy to give all my children baths and still have a bit of energy left over for reading a bedtime story.  Thank you Stony Run.  If I knew all your names I would add you to my favorites list, too. 

    Ahhh, but the Lord knows what each and every one of you have done for me today, and He is happy.  My Bible says that He will bless those who help the widows and the orphans.

    Thank you all for your help this fine day.  God Bless.

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  • Dear Liisa,
    It was a joy to read about those who helped you today and yesterday. Bless them!!
    What an encouragement to you, and the kids liked it, too.

    Blessings to those helpers,
    Gramma Ewing.

  • Your one of our “favorites” too:) Thanks for going along and letting us help out.

  • What wonderful Joy Smiles these blessings brought you. It is funny how a little tender kindness can just soften us because we try to be so tough, how refreshing it is when someone ministers to us when we have been ministering to the kids with the last ounce of energy we got, and how another’s smile just brings a peace that dispels the lies of the enemy.

    Thank you so much for this, Liisa. I needed to read some postives.