• 13May

    I almost hate to mention it because I know as soon as I do that Satan is going to attack with gusto, but despite the sick kids and the like, I have been feeling quite calm and relaxed.  I think the vacation and the convention were just what I needed.  It’s been awhile since I had taken some time for refocusing.  I kept telling myself that I was doing o.k., but if the quietness of my spirit is any indication I’m guessing that I really wasn’t doing as good as I thought I was.  I’m pretty good at deluding myself.  =D

    Had another sick kid this morning so shots got cancelled.  The kids didn’t seem to mind that.  =)  We spent some time thoroughly cleaning and organizing the playroom this morning (one room a day, by the end of next week I might have the whole house cleaned!  Too bad the kids mess it up faster than we can clean it up.)  Then, after spending some time training Caleb (1) to stay in his new toddler bed for his nap I introduced the older children to the art of candle making.

    We took the candles from last night, melted them down, added a crayon or two for color, borrowed a wick from another candle (it was extra long) and ta da! Art Class!!  =)  That’s what makes me think that I needed that vacation.  Somehow, God’s grace I’m sure, I managed to get through that whole session without yelling at anyone, getting frustrated, or even burning anyone.  I did light a paper towel on fire . . .  =D  They burn faster when there is wax on them.  Did you know that?  Anyway, it was fun, we all learned a lot, and I think the kids enjoyed it.

    I’m so excited about how the last two days went that I’m sure I will try to cram way too much stuff into my day tomorrow (like cleaning bedrooms, doing laundry, and tearing apart a crib all at once).  We’ll see how it goes.  Maybe I’ll get to celebrate my anniversary next week?  I hope my kids feel better soon.  I think another one was showing symptoms tonight . . .  One of the problems with big families – quarantines last forever. 

    But maybe that isn’t all bad . . . 

    • I’ve had some good conversations with my older ones this last couple of days. 
    • We’ve spent some time as a family-just us. 
    • We haven’t tried to do a whole lot since some of  us are sick.
    • It’s been much slower paced
    • Gave us a chance to recoup after vacation =)
    • We got some good cleaning done
    • Made headway on reading the Chronicles of Narnia series
    • Made Mom focus on the kids rather than the chores

    I’m pleased.  How about you, Lord?  Are you pleased?  Thanks for this bit of calm in the midst of the storms of life.

3 Comments to Calm in the Midst of the Storms

  • I’ve found that spending time with my family is so important. Enjoy it they seem like they are growing up so fast.

  • We are enjoying a calm right now too. Our adopted daughter’s keep us on our toes, but life is full of excitement and that is good.

    Love you and your little ones and pray for you often. This week we prayed for a calm in your storm, for God’s peace to fill you and your home.

    God is good.

  • Peace waves are wonderful! Enjoy them! Celebrate them! Keep your eye on the horizon for storm clouds……God knows what we need most, what our kids need most too, and it sounds like His plans for you have had some great things, though they were different from your plans. Remember His Plan A is better than our Plan A or Plan B or D or Z for that matter.
    Thanks again for sharing your heart.