• 12May

    Well,  I shouldn’t be all that surprised at how this anniversary turned out.  It’s not the first time a sick child rearranged our plans a bit.  I had planned to go away for the day again like I did last year, but Abigail (5) joined me in my bed at some point last night and was burning up with fever.  She stayed there and I kept waking up to check on her.  That made it awfully hard to wake up this morning.  A couple of my other kids have had a fever for a day and they take extra naps and skip a meal or two, but Abigail either got a different strain or she got hit harder.  Hopefully she will feel better in the morning (we are going to get shots.  =]   )

    So my day didn’t go quite the way I thought it was going to.  I gave my babysitter the day off and the kids and I spent some time relaxing.  We did manage to really clean the library, even got rid of a couple of boxes that were still in there, and then we emptied another box that looked like it came from one of our first moves.  In it we found a whole bunch of those tea light candles and a surprising amount of baby food jars (why in the world those got save and packed and moved from place to place I’ll never know).  The kids were helping to unpack the box so they took the candles, put them inside the baby food jars and placed them on the half walls all around the playroom.  Then after the babies were in bed we lit all the candles, put some music on and cavorted around the playroom with great vim and vigor.  Now I am exhausted.  Guess I’ll save the meditating for another day. 

3 Comments to Anniversary

  • Dear Liisa,

    So I must start by saying that I was very much looking forward to hearing how today went, in comparison to last year….I don’t mean that to be hurtful at all, just wondering if there is any healing in your heart, mind or soul. AND, I hate to be the first to comment…

    I remember reading the post from last year, when your wounds were much deeper, less calious, and wondered how you manage every day.

    I too, know what it is like to loose someone that you love so much….yet on such a different level.

    That being said….I do hope you get to have the “walk”, “reflection”, and the courage, strength, and grace to keep on, keepin’ on !

    Your journey continues to amaze, inspire, and wow me….you are a woman, that is one of a kind…..and I can only hope pray to have your patience, stamina, and Love, and Commitment for the Lord.

    Bless you today, and everyday,

    Michelle for the Kotyk Family.

  • Glad you were able to do something fun with the kids. God’s control over our lives is wonderful when we allow ourselves to follow it. Praying for you.

  • loving you all and praying for you. You are special to be given such a responcability. God know’s you will lean on Him for your strength. And you have proven that to be true. You are an inspiration to us.