• 22Apr

    Wow!  That was fun.  =)

    I just cleaned a lake off my kitchen floor.

    I was doing double duty and teaching Caleb(1) how to stay in his “big” bed while reading the older boys a bedtime story when I heard the dishwasher make a funny noise.  “I think I should go check that.”  I told the boys.

    I ran down the stairs and splashed right into a puddle.  “How did that get there?” I thought.  “I cleaned up from supper.  Who was playing with the water again?”  And then I realized that the ‘puddle’ was actually quite large and quite deep and getting deeper!  (Nice that I wasn’t wearing socks.)

    I hollered for the boys to come help and tried to shut off the dishwasher since it was the source of the problem but it didn’t respond.  So I raced to the basement to shut off the water down there.  I looked over into the kids play area and saw water pouring through the ceiling and I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  (Nice again that the area was fairly clean and there weren’t a whole lot of toys out and about.)

    Two locked doors later I scrambled to find the right shut off.  That accomplished I ran for my phone and called in the troops.  (Again, nice that Mom and Dad only live two houses away.)  The kids (all of them but Caleb – so much for early bedtime), armed with all the towels in the linen closet, cleaned up the mess in the basement while Mom, Dad, and I cleaned up another 10 gallons or so of water in the kitchen and tried to find the cause of the problem. (Another nice in that it did it while I was home.) 

    I knew the floor needed mopped, but I would have gotten around to it eventually!  Really!  Reminds me of the rainstorm in Pensacola that alerted us to the fact that the trailer we rented had some major holes in the roof.  What fun!  =)

    Thank you, Lord, for the minimum amount of damage (praying that the stuff we can’t see will dry quickly without problems).  Thank you for the cheerful help.  Thank you for the quick cleanup.  And thank you for the troops and their willingness to pitch in even though they were ready for bed. 

    Nice to know that You are there to help all the time.

1 Comment to Water, Water, Everywhere!

  • I’m glad you were able to get it cleaned up quickly and that you knew where to turn off the water. Isn’t it great that kids love water, so there are usually minimal objections to helping clean it up.