• 21Apr

    We are preparing for another trip to MI.  My kids are so excited.  They have been trying to pack for more than a week now.  Currently I have a pillowcase full of clothes, kitchen towels, toys, and other various “Important” items that has been packed and it now sits in the hallway waiting for me to put it in the van.

    I’m not sure why they packed the kitchen towels.  Maybe because they were packing everything from the laundry room so that they wouldn’t have to put it all away (part of their chores).   I’m also guessing that the clothes need gone through and cleared with Mom.  I did hear someone asking someone else if they had gotten seven of each thing (I guess it’s a seven day trip, or maybe they are aware of the fact that Grandma has a washing machine, or maybe they are thinking they have to share with their siblings . . .  =D)

    School is over for us for the year.  The boys just whipped through their stuff so fast.  We are still doing the occasional drills, art classes, home ec, physical education, etc.  I’m proud of how hard they worked and all the stuff they’ve learned.  So we are officially on our summer break.

    We have a bit of a garden planted, have mowed the lawn once, are back to hanging clothes out on the line, got the sprinkler out once or twice (though it’s back to being too cold for that again), and I’m trying to get up the nerve and energy to go through all those clothes again so that they all have summer clothes and aren’t wearing long sleeves and sweatpants when it’s 80 degrees outside.

    Things are moving right along here at the House That God Built.  God is good.

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  • Sounds fun. When I was a kid I used to like to pack early, too. We have about 2 1/2 weeks left of school, I’ve been deciding what to use next year 🙂 Then I can get it and don’t have to think about it until we are ready to start again in the fall. Have a wonderful trip.