• 15Apr

    Thank you, Lord, for your help this day,

    For all the stupid things I didn’t say.

    Thank you for the energy you gave,

    And the asprin that I didn’t save.

    Thank you for your saving power,

    I’m sure I use it by the hour.

    Thank you for your love and grace,

    I think I need it in this case.

    Thank you lots for loving me,

    Despite the sin and pride you see.

    Someday, someday, we’ll see you soon,

    Oh, happy bride!  Oh, happy groom!

    ‘Til then, in your arms I’ll rest,

    And trust that You know what is best.


    Good night.

6 Comments to Thank you, Lord.

  • Great poem Lisa, Thanks!! I need God´s saving power by the hour with one — don´t know how you can do it with 7!!

  • Thanks. We enjoyed your poem.
    Just want to let you know we still pray for you, although we’ve never met.

    Send us your mailing address and I’ll send you one of the Christian books I’ve written–just in case you have so much spare time you don’t know whet else to do!

    Wentworth and Doloris Pike

  • Have I ever mentioned that God has blessed you with the ability to put words on “paper” in an elegant way? Thanks, Liisa, I needed that reminder.

  • Thanks for sharing this poem, Liisa. It is very good and really an encouragement to me.

  • What a beautiful poem. Just the other day we prayed that you would be able to see the thanksgivings inspite of the trials. Praise God for that. We love you all

  • Liisa, you truly have a way with words! I don’t get here to see posts as often as I would like, but when I do manage to skim through them every couple weeks or so, I am so moved by your eloquence. This is a great way for you to manage the emotions thrown at you while allowing us far away to share in your day to day. Praying for you and your little brood. <3 ~mandy