• 03Apr
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    I got a lawnmower!!!!  I am SOOOO excited.  Some friends of ours from college volunteered to help us get a lawnmower and it arrived on Friday morning.

    I promptly realized that

       my gas tank/supply/container thingy was empty.  Bummer.  Off to town to get some gas.

    Then I realized,

       my grass really didn’t need mowed yet.  Double Bummer.

    But never fear,

    Saturday provided lots of practice.

    We spent the day hauling stuff back and forth to Nana’s helping them get their campground cleaned up, getting rocks out of our yard and into their latest project, and picnic’ing.  I can’t quite compete with Nana’s four wheeler, but her four wheeler doesn’t mow grass either.  =)

    I’m getting a litte more comfortable with it (even backed it up with the wagon attached).

    God is so good.

    Thank you so very much guys.  You asked if there was a need and then did what you could to fill that need.  We are deeply grateful.

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