• 10Apr
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    If first impressions are as crucial as they claim, then my neighbors will never ask me to mow their yard.  =)

    I got to try out my new lawn mower.  We were doing figure eights, circles, waves, funny looking squares, you name it.  Not all of my yard needed mowed and at this point letting some of the grass reseed itself would be a good thing so I wasn’t really trying to make it look good or anything. 

    I got a good feel for how close I can get to certain things, how sharp I can turn with the wagon attached, how bumpy the job would be, how long it would take, etc. 

    So my yard might look a little funny, the neighbors might think I’m totally crazy, and my lawnmower might not be quite so new, but I had some fun and I learned a lot.  =)  I don’t really want to be mowing all the neighbor’s yards anyway.  I have enough to do.  =)

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