• 09Apr
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    Have you seen . . . ?

    Do you know what I did with . . . ?

    Fill in the blank.

    Those were common questions in our house.  It got to the point where we would just say those two phrases any time we talked about hunting for something.  (Part of it was due to how often we moved.)

    I’m looking for some papers, . . have been for over a month and the frustrations are mounting.  I distinctly remember what the file folder looked like.  I just can’t find it.

    Irrationally I want to yell at Dan.  I can’t blame it on him, he didn’t do the packing.  I can’t ask him to help me look.  I can’t push the job off on someone else.  I can’t ignore the problem and hope it will get taken care of it.  I can’t even put it off and hope they will turn up. 

    I’m not really mad at Dan or anyone in particular.  It’s just one of the frustrations of single parenting I guess.  There’s just no one there (physically) to turn to.  And it’s such a simple thing . . .

    Thanks for helping, Lord

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