• 29Apr
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    Psa 4:8


    I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.

    Oh, I do so look forward to that!!!!   =)

  • 28Apr

    We did haircuts with the cousins yesterday.  Mommy and Auntie were chattering away through the whole process, talking about different hair styles, Daddy’s hair, who’s hair was harder to cut, who’s stood up like Daddy’s, which ones showed the mistakes the most, how Daddy hated when Mommy nipped his ears, etc. etc. etc.  Benjamin(7) was last.  He was tired from the long trip, playing hard with his cousins, and a night in a different bed.  He quietly endured the haircut, the memories, and the hair pulling, but till we were all done he just couldn’t take it any more.  We ended up hugging on the kitchen floor while he tried to get a grip on the emotions that were so close to the surface. 

    He misses his Daddy so.  And I am helpless.  His pain hurts me.  And all I can do is hug him and tell him that Daddy, God and I all love him.

    But maybe that’s enough.  You hear fantastic stories of what people do for love.  And having God’s love is a never- failing source of strength. 

    You can make it, Benjamin.  God will help you if you let Him.

  • 27Apr

    Yeah!  We made it to MI.

    I hadn’t realized just how negative I’ve been lately.  God prompted me several times on this trip to think a bit more positively.

    I heard a strange noise on the passenger side of the van before we left and I was terribly nervous.  I think the last time I attempted a trip to MI the transmission went out on the van.  My brother-in-law looked it over and found that it was just a clip that the kids had undone.  Simple to fix!  Praise the Lord.

    My darling children put safety pins in my CD player and we had some trouble getting the sound for our DVD player to work.  Oh, THANK YOU, Lord!! for being able to bypass that problem.

    The first part of the trip was quite rainy and gloomy.  The temptation was to grouch and complain, but as we were passing through yet another set of cones and construction area I noticed the lack of construction workers and figured that things would have been progressing much slower if it wasn’t raining.

    I stopped for gas and flinched at the 2.80/gal (I know, it could be worse), but during the time that we took all the kids into the bathroom the price dropped!!  How cool was that!?!!

    And, of course, we arrived safe and sound–a precious blessing from the Lord.

    God is good.

  • 22Apr

    Wow!  That was fun.  =)

    I just cleaned a lake off my kitchen floor.

    I was doing double duty and teaching Caleb(1) how to stay in his “big” bed while reading the older boys a bedtime story when I heard the dishwasher make a funny noise.  “I think I should go check that.”  I told the boys.

    I ran down the stairs and splashed right into a puddle.  “How did that get there?” I thought.  “I cleaned up from supper.  Who was playing with the water again?”  And then I realized that the ‘puddle’ was actually quite large and quite deep and getting deeper!  (Nice that I wasn’t wearing socks.)

    I hollered for the boys to come help and tried to shut off the dishwasher since it was the source of the problem but it didn’t respond.  So I raced to the basement to shut off the water down there.  I looked over into the kids play area and saw water pouring through the ceiling and I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  (Nice again that the area was fairly clean and there weren’t a whole lot of toys out and about.)

    Two locked doors later I scrambled to find the right shut off.  That accomplished I ran for my phone and called in the troops.  (Again, nice that Mom and Dad only live two houses away.)  The kids (all of them but Caleb – so much for early bedtime), armed with all the towels in the linen closet, cleaned up the mess in the basement while Mom, Dad, and I cleaned up another 10 gallons or so of water in the kitchen and tried to find the cause of the problem. (Another nice in that it did it while I was home.) 

    I knew the floor needed mopped, but I would have gotten around to it eventually!  Really!  Reminds me of the rainstorm in Pensacola that alerted us to the fact that the trailer we rented had some major holes in the roof.  What fun!  =)

    Thank you, Lord, for the minimum amount of damage (praying that the stuff we can’t see will dry quickly without problems).  Thank you for the cheerful help.  Thank you for the quick cleanup.  And thank you for the troops and their willingness to pitch in even though they were ready for bed. 

    Nice to know that You are there to help all the time.

  • 21Apr

    We are preparing for another trip to MI.  My kids are so excited.  They have been trying to pack for more than a week now.  Currently I have a pillowcase full of clothes, kitchen towels, toys, and other various “Important” items that has been packed and it now sits in the hallway waiting for me to put it in the van.

    I’m not sure why they packed the kitchen towels.  Maybe because they were packing everything from the laundry room so that they wouldn’t have to put it all away (part of their chores).   I’m also guessing that the clothes need gone through and cleared with Mom.  I did hear someone asking someone else if they had gotten seven of each thing (I guess it’s a seven day trip, or maybe they are aware of the fact that Grandma has a washing machine, or maybe they are thinking they have to share with their siblings . . .  =D)

    School is over for us for the year.  The boys just whipped through their stuff so fast.  We are still doing the occasional drills, art classes, home ec, physical education, etc.  I’m proud of how hard they worked and all the stuff they’ve learned.  So we are officially on our summer break.

    We have a bit of a garden planted, have mowed the lawn once, are back to hanging clothes out on the line, got the sprinkler out once or twice (though it’s back to being too cold for that again), and I’m trying to get up the nerve and energy to go through all those clothes again so that they all have summer clothes and aren’t wearing long sleeves and sweatpants when it’s 80 degrees outside.

    Things are moving right along here at the House That God Built.  God is good.

  • 19Apr

    I was watching my older kids the other day.  They were gathered around the sliding door.  One would stand in the doorway and pull the door shut right against their head and then slide out and the next one would try to squeeze in without moving the door.  They did a few rotations making adjustments on the door as they went.

    Their conclusion:

    Abigail has the biggest head.  =)

    And she is o.k. with this!!!

    Oh! they make me laugh.

  • 15Apr

    Thank you, Lord, for your help this day,

    For all the stupid things I didn’t say.

    Thank you for the energy you gave,

    And the asprin that I didn’t save.

    Thank you for your saving power,

    I’m sure I use it by the hour.

    Thank you for your love and grace,

    I think I need it in this case.

    Thank you lots for loving me,

    Despite the sin and pride you see.

    Someday, someday, we’ll see you soon,

    Oh, happy bride!  Oh, happy groom!

    ‘Til then, in your arms I’ll rest,

    And trust that You know what is best.


    Good night.

  • 14Apr

    Had a special day on Sunday for our Pastor.  It brought in a lot of guests.  Many of them were people I hadn’t seen for years.  Some were kids that I grew up with.  Only they weren’t kids any more.  In some ways it felt like a high school reunion.  I spent a lot of time chasing kids, of course, but I did get the chance to chat with a few people and do some catching up.

    I was caught off guard by some things.  I looked around at one point and noted that everyone my age was married with kids.  Not real surprising since that is the way it works.  Just made me miss Dan I guess.  And then I watched one young Daddy pick up his little boy and hold him while we sang a song and I just cried.  Dan should be doing that with his little boys and girls.

    One day we will have a reunion too and there won’t be anything to cry about then!

  • 10Apr
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    If first impressions are as crucial as they claim, then my neighbors will never ask me to mow their yard.  =)

    I got to try out my new lawn mower.  We were doing figure eights, circles, waves, funny looking squares, you name it.  Not all of my yard needed mowed and at this point letting some of the grass reseed itself would be a good thing so I wasn’t really trying to make it look good or anything. 

    I got a good feel for how close I can get to certain things, how sharp I can turn with the wagon attached, how bumpy the job would be, how long it would take, etc. 

    So my yard might look a little funny, the neighbors might think I’m totally crazy, and my lawnmower might not be quite so new, but I had some fun and I learned a lot.  =)  I don’t really want to be mowing all the neighbor’s yards anyway.  I have enough to do.  =)

  • 09Apr
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    Have you seen . . . ?

    Do you know what I did with . . . ?

    Fill in the blank.

    Those were common questions in our house.  It got to the point where we would just say those two phrases any time we talked about hunting for something.  (Part of it was due to how often we moved.)

    I’m looking for some papers, . . have been for over a month and the frustrations are mounting.  I distinctly remember what the file folder looked like.  I just can’t find it.

    Irrationally I want to yell at Dan.  I can’t blame it on him, he didn’t do the packing.  I can’t ask him to help me look.  I can’t push the job off on someone else.  I can’t ignore the problem and hope it will get taken care of it.  I can’t even put it off and hope they will turn up. 

    I’m not really mad at Dan or anyone in particular.  It’s just one of the frustrations of single parenting I guess.  There’s just no one there (physically) to turn to.  And it’s such a simple thing . . .

    Thanks for helping, Lord