• 27Mar


    Another theory has been tested  . . . .

    Theory:   The premise of my hypothesis was the conjecture that chasing after numerous offspring enabled me to divest myself of an accumulation of mass at a rapid rate. (Chasing kids made me lose weight.)

    My nanny just informed me that she was able to gain a bit of weight once she stopped chasing my kids around.  =)

    So, to all you wondering how to get rid of that excess weight, may I suggest having a few more children?  =)  The results can be astounding, the side affects however, . . . (we’re still working on those  =D  )

1 Comment to Theory

  • Good Morning Liisa,

    I just wanted to say that I COMPLETELY agree with you. I don’t think I will need a gym membership for at least another couple years until both the girls are in school full time….after that, I will have to squeeze it in, between work and my home responsibilities. For now, I will take the free “gym membership” of motherhood ! It is so much fun too ! : ) Hope you are well ! Lots of Hugs and Love, The Kotyk’s