• 14Mar
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    I have just had the most relaxing weekend!  The kids worked real hard at their chores and earned the privilege of a sleep over at their cousin’s house.  The two older boys went to Zach’s house and the three girls got to go to Kaya’s house.  That left me at home with Payden (2) and Caleb (1).  You might think that it would have been more relaxing if Payden and Caleb had also earned a sleep over, but I think you would be wrong.


    Having two kids at home meant that I still had to be Mom, but I could focus on them without worrying about whether or not I was neglecting someone else. 

    Having two at home meant that I wasn’t at loose ends trying to figure out what my role was and what I was supposed to be doing with this free time. 

    Having two at home freed me from the pressure of “making the best use of my ‘alone’ time” (because there are always a zillion and one things to do when there aren’t kids around to distract me). 

    Having two at home meant that I wasn’t constantly bombarded with questions and demands from multiple sources meaning the two didn’t have to work so hard to get my attention.


    It also helped that it was a rain day which always makes things seem to move a little slower.  And we also lost power again this morning (gotta look into that generator idea again I think) meaning that a lot of our normal activities were put on hold.  So, we went out to the garage where there was a lot more sunlight, and we cleaned up.  That made me feel good too.  That garage was a mess!!  It’s still not quite done, but we can see the floor rather than wading through the two inches of dirt, bikes, hats, gloves, snowsuits, coats, shoes, and sawdust.  There is plenty of room to walk around and play and the kids can get to their cubbies again.  Now if I could just get that work bench cleaned up and organized . . .

    Thank you, Lord.


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