• 10Mar

    I feel so bold and daring.  =)

    Never mind the fact that it took me three months to come up with this plan; it’s taken me over a week to actually make the decision; it is a plan meaning it’s lacks a little spice for an adventure; I’m not exactly doing it on my own; I’m already worried about it; I will probably be exhausted when it’s all over; and I know at some point I’m going to say, “I am so totally crazy to have even thought that this was a good idea!”

    But the pro’s are great.  We get to see our family in MI again; visit with friends; do a bit of traveling (a good thing in case you’re wondering); step out of our routine-such as it is; and then I’ll have some time without kids, maybe a chance to sleep in (not really sure I can do that), a chance to refocus, get a grip on the bigger picture and maybe get some new ideas on running this ship.

    Whew!  I’m tired already.

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